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We all have an inherent, innate ability to heal ourselves, this is the chiropractic philosophy.

Sometimes we just need a little help or guidance to get our of our own way and let that ability do its thing. Are you ready to get out of pain? Ready to improve your function and quality of life? Ready to take control or your own health?

Dr. Dixie is ready meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be.


Hands-on specific manual adjustments are Dr. Dixie's specialty, though other techniques such as Activator and Thompson Drop are available. Keeping the spine mobile and supple ensures optimal nerve function.

Soft Tissue

Graston technique is a method which utilizes stainless steel instruments to detect and treat soft tissue and myofascial adhesions that can be major factors in pain and dysfunction. Manual methods are also utilized when indicated.


If you've EVER had pain, you need rehab. Pain never "just goes away." Your body is amazing, so it adapts...for awhile. Dr. Dixie gives specific corrective exercise homework which will help you heal faster and get you back to life sooner.


Whatever your fitness level, chances are you will benefit from a bio mechanical assessment from Dr. Dixie. You may need treatment, you may just need to tweak your training plan or lifting technique to optimize your efforts.

Who Am I & what I do

Dr. Dixie is a native North Dakotan who has pursued an active lifestyle from a young age. She currently holds several black belts in various martial arts, runs in road races from 5K's to full marathons, and recently became nationally certified to teach yoga. Dr. Dixie’s interest in chiropractic and alternative approaches to health care stems from her passion for fitness and the eastern philosophy of healing. She is excited to be back home living on the ranch where she grew up with her husband Scott, and two completely entertaining boxers, Bruno and Zina.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Dixie

Owner, Chiropractor

Space & Time

Lots of new changes at Bachmeier Chiropractic, make sure you’re taking advantage!

  • Foot Levelers Stabilizing Orthotics
  • Massage therapy in house
  • Taekwondo classes coming soon!

Gallery and Schedule

Yoga Schedule
Level 1
Level 2
Beginner: Familiarize or refresh on the basics. Learn the lingo. Geared toward newbies.
Level 1: Focus on general form and foundation. well rounded class. suitable for beginners.
Level 2: More focus on strength, play with inversions, some experience recommended.

Updated 09-25-2014

Check Bachmeier Chiro & Yoga Facebook page for last minute schedule changes/cancellations.


Bachmeier Chiropractic is an in-network provider with BCBS-ND, Medicare, and Medicaid/ND Medical Assistance. Other insurances are accepted but coverage is dependent on your particular plan. Please contact your insurance provider prior to your first appointment if you have concerns about coverage.


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